When you are pretty sure there is nothing more to share the only beatiful word to say is FAREWELL.


Then leave the stage as if you were in a famous theatre. Silently.

He’s not the one

He’not the one I was looking for, because

He said

1. You’re too young for me

2. Yo’re too smart for me

3. Your look is too casual for my friends

4. You take your decision on your own

5. We could be just friends, couldn’t we?

I won’t say a comment, you can.


I deseve love and more of this I deserve honesty. I know that self-consciousness and the truth are difficult to handle for same people , but I feel they’re necessary to feel comfortable and safe.

I said : I’ll tell you what I think, please do the same”

He replied :sure I will.

This didn’t happen. I’m sad and disappointed. My feelings are struggling to find a way to merge,to manage love and mistrust.

He doesn’t know where he is going and I won’t stop my wandering for pure love.

When you fall in love

I fell in love in a while in a warm day of late june. The 30th of June saw me astonished facing my emotions.

Let’s see what happens if I let myself be totally, fully spontaneous, I thought.

I was facing a man doing the same and it was magic.

It is magic every moment from that one.

My imperfections and his imperfections don’t collide!

I want this to be continuing.

I can smile.

I need

I need to have a good conversation. It’s a long time from the last time I could share my thoughts without any filter.

It’s so gratifying to imagine world ,constructing worlds with another person.

I miss dreaming in two.

Yesterday I joined a dating site. Someone to talk to and with is my purpose. Finger crossed.

Needs are the columns of our lives


Illusions are meant to fade away . It’s their nature to disappear when you’re ready to face the truth.

I’m not ready yet. I should prepare my mind with some oriental practice of consciousness, day by day.

2019,you’re welcome now.